RadioShack DeFi
Overall Strategy (NETD)
The overall tokenomics philosophy follows the proprietary Nash-Equilibrium Token Defense (NETD) formula that was originally developed by the Atlas USV protocol (Read about NETD here).
As such, RadioShack's initial fully diluted supply will include all the elements that were originally developed for Atlas USV, including:
  • Protocol Owned Defensive Lockbox (PODL)
  • K-Factor Marketing Lockbox (KFML)
  • Reciprocal Altruism Charity Lockbox (RACL)
  • Co-Founder Wallet (CFW)
  • Early Advisors and Capital Partners (EACP)
(For further details, read Atlas USV's white paper that details NETD strategy)
2 new pools are added to RadioShack NETD to account for the additional interplay of market participants:
  • RadioShack Foundation Treasury (RFT)
  • Partnership Rewards Program (PRP)
Initial mint distribution details will be announced shortly.
Last modified 14d ago
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